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“Take Pride in Authenticity”

Welcome to Umm Assad Publications! An independently-owned book publishing company established in 2016 that takes pride in producing authentic children’s Islamic resources for young children.

It all began shortly after the release of ‘My First Islamic Activity Pack‘, made by Umm Assad, also founder of This pack was downloaded by thousands of people worldwide in just days. Umm Assad noticed a high demand for important subjects for children, supported with evidence and which avoid picture-making.

All too often many children’s Islamic book publishers claim the truth, but the source for their content is nowhere to be found, which can lead to confusion, misguidance and disunity.

Since becoming a mother, Umm Assad made it her priority to protect her children from innovation. Her desire to support other parents and teachers was inspired from the influential words of Scholar Muhammed ibn Sireen;

“This knowledge is a matter of religion, so be careful whom you take your religion from.”

At Umm Assad Publications our mission is to create authentic children’s Islamic learning resources which captivate and educate young readers without compromising our belief in Islam. This is achieved in 3 simple steps:

  1. Authentic sources (from the Quran and Sunnah)
  2. No Picture-making illustrations
  3. All resources and Read and Checked by trusted students of knowledge

This is the cornerstone of Umm Assad Publications.

Umm Assad Publications
Take Pride in Authenticity